About iNeuron

Learn New Skills To Go Ahead With Your Career

We at iNeuron believe that just classroom training is not adequate, thus we incorporate theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical exposure via students contribution in our in-house projects providing a deeper and rich learning experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between career expectations and reality via innovative teaching approaches

Teaching By Experts

Industry experts in data science, machine learning, and deep learning with multiple years of corporate as well as teaching experience.

Product Development

We are also into product development for the domestic as well as the international market with more than 50+ projects in hand and many more successfully delivered.

Our Story

iNeuron started its journey from being a product development team that caters to domestic as well as international clients, and we continue to develop state of the art products for our prestigious clients all over the world. However, we realised the shortcomings in the field Ai education and realised that data science education was not only very expensive but also lacked practical exposure via live-projects.

Who We Are

iNeuron is a product-driven organisation working on state of the art projects for our domestic and international clients carrying a lot of expertise in product development in the area of Computer vision, Deep learning, NLP, Auto ML and Machine learning with industry expertise in warehousing, Security, Surveillance, Healthcare and Inventory management. We also have our training academy where we are providing affordable AI education in Deep learning, Machine Learning and NLP.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality education throughout all sets of the economy which is why we did not want the price to be a factor for which individuals would hesitate in attaining education in the respective domains.We believe in growing together which is why we also have our learning community where students can raise discussion related to technical questions and find the solutions to their problems.